4G: Grieg, G-Major, G-Minor

20180504 Budapest (HUN)
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Palace of Arts)

M. Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major, with Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra / András Vass

About the Programme

It’s not about the mobile technology in the concert hall –we still ask you to switch off your cell phones!–, but there are two pieces in G major and after the intermission, one in G minor in the programme. With the popularity of Grieg’s Holberg Suite, only his piano concerto could compete. But the piano concerto of this concert is by Ravel and of course, by the excellent Croatian pianist, Dejan Lazić. The second part has a real specialty: Grieg’s Violin Quartet conducted by András Vass, in his own transcription. The Croatian-born Dejan Lazić (1977), who lives now in Amsterdam, has played concerts with great success from Sao Paulo and Toronto to Tokyo; recorded more than 50 albums, and won many reputable awards; he certainly won’t get into trouble with Ravel’s Piano Concerto as the composer, who had written it for himself but at the end it was too difficult for him. Grieg’s Violin Quartet in G Minor, which is rich in full sounds and bright gestures, is kind of offering itself for orchestration –now, for the first time, we can hear it, how it sounds.
“In physics, it is a fact that energy neither can be created, nor can be terminated;, that’s the law of conservation of energy. In music, it seems, energy-flow is present and as a performer, you have to let it happen. Of course, that’s the most difficult part: it cannot be and must not be forced. But when it happens, it is the greatest experience that an artist can have. ”  Dejan Lazić

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