Dejan’s new CD “Istrian Rhapsody” with his own compositions — out on 19 May 2023!

Dejan’s new CD “Istrian Rhapsody” featuring his own compositions has just been released on BR-Klassik label.

The disc opens with Dejan’s “Concerto in Istrian Style” for piano and orchestra, op. 18, with him as the soloist, and closes with his “Alterations on the Istrian Folk Anthem” for orchestra, op. 29. Dejan is joined by the Münchner Rundfunkorchester (Munich Radio Orchestra) conducted by Ivan Repušić.

Also on the CD you can listen to Dejan’s choir arrangement of the Istrian Folk Anthem, originally composed by Ivan Matetić Ronjgov”, performed by The Choir of the Croatian Radio and Television, conducted by Tomislav Fačini, as well as Natko Devčić’s “Istrian Suite” for orchestra. Also on this CD you can hear the Istrian Folk Anthem performed on traditional Istrian instruments (sopile) by Stjepan Večković.

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